Dear Mascot user,

Since 2015, WEHI has hosted and maintained the legacy Mascot server ( as a courtesy to the proteomics community. Unfortunately, over this past year the hardware has degraded beyond the point of serviceability and WEHI can no longer host this service. The system will be decommissioned Sunday 25 August 2019.

Please ensure you have recovered any of you results that you may need from the server before that time.

This service originated from an NHMRC Enabling grant. In 2006, Prof Robert Moritz, Prof Antony Burgess, Prof Jeffrey Gorman, Prof Mark Baker and Prof Richard Simpson were awarded the grant that created “The Australian Proteomics Computational Facility”. Funding for this grant was extended in 2012 to refresh the computational hardware, providing support until 2015, at which point WEHI supported the service.

I would like to thank the original Investigators for having the foresight to build an amazing resource that has undoubtedly contributed to the advancement of Australia Proteomics Research. We trust that the WEHI Mascot server has been a valuable resource to your work, and that you can find alternative resources moving forward.


Andrew Webb