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Browser Check

Your browser identified itself as:
CCBot/2.0 (

As best we can tell, this browser has the following characteristics:

Browser:Default Browser
JavaScript:Not supportedTest:  
Tables:SupportedTest: Does this table have grid lines?
File upload:?Test: 
Cookies:Not supportedTest: 

(Thanks to Gary Keith for updating browscap.ini and making it available for download.)

If any of the entries in the table above read Not supported, or if the tests fail, functionality in the following areas will be restricted:

  • JavaScript is used widely:
    • To verify the entries in the search form fields
    • To provide an animated overview of search results
    • To save custom settings
  • Tables are used all over the place
  • File upload is used to submit mass spectrometry peak lists to Mascot
  • Cookies are used to save custom settings
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